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The Capital Region has become a hub of research, innovation and manufacturing for the semiconductor industry. Photo: jurvetson / via Flickr
The Capital Region has become a hub of research, innovation and manufacturing for the semiconductor industry. Photo: jurvetson / via Flickr

Chip CEOs in Saratoga

Computer chip company executives from around the globe are in Saratoga Springs this week.

As the Innovation Trail's Marie Cusick reports, it's yet another sign of the Capital Region's growing importance in the world of advanced manufacturing.  Go to full article

Cuomo announces billions for nano chip plants

Gov Cuomo opened the regional economic development conference in Albany yesterday with an announcement of a $4.4 billion dollar investment in high tech chip fabrication plants across upstate New York, and he predicts it will bring nearly 7000 jobs. Karen DeWitt has more:  Go to full article
There are so many positions open that within information technology, we look (outside) to fill a lot of those spots

Senecas go "outside" for high tech hires

Employment numbers aren't good in western New York. But the Seneca Nation is bucking the trend. The Nation is working fast to fill jobs, especially those calling for highly-skilled workers.

There are enough jobs that the Senecas are looking outside of their own community to fill those positions. Case in point: Seneca Niagara Casino. The Innovation Trail's Daniel Robison reports.

Support for the Innovation Trail comes from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The Innovation Trail is a collaboration between five upstate public media outlets, reporting about New York's innovation economy.  Go to full article
Broadband internet should be something that every home and business in the town of Keene, and in general, should have.

Keene paves way for broadband

The North Country has had mixed success in winning Federal stimulus dollars to expand broadband internet service to rural towns and villages. But the Essex County town of Keene has moved forward with a grassroots effort, using a mix of grants and local fund raising, along with new, less expensive technology.

As Chris Morris reports, the organizers hope their project will serve as a model for other communities in the region.  Go to full article

Hudson Valley, "tech valley"?

New York's biggest investment in technology is in the Hudson Valley Region, where the state lavished more than a billion dollars on Globalfoundries. The microchip company is building a plant in Saratoga County. The hope is other companies will follow.

One of those businesses is Tech Valley Communications - a fiber network service provider. The company recently partnered with an investment firm. As the CEO tells Innovation Trail reporter Dan Bazile, he now has the ability and the capital to compete.  Go to full article

State looks to invest in NC

State Comptroller Thomas Dinapoli was at Clarkson University in Potsdam yesterday. It was the last of what he called his "roadshow" stops to promote New York's in-state private equity investment program. The program channels state retirement money to businesses in the state, or those who will come to New York. As Martha Foley report, Dinapoli said New York has done a good job at developing intellectual capital but the money isn't always there.  Go to full article
Assemblywoman Dierdre Scozzafava (R-Gouverneur)
Assemblywoman Dierdre Scozzafava (R-Gouverneur)

Scozzafava on Upstate plan: devil is in the details

Assemblywoman Dee Dee Scozzafava says Governor Spitzer's Upstate plan has good potential. The Republican from Gouverneur says her constituents need more high-speed Internet service and support for small businesses. She told David Sommerstein yesterday her big question is how much money is actually behind Spitzer's plans.  Go to full article

St. Lawrence County pursues universal broadband

The day after Christmas, President Bush signed a $555 billion spending bill. It allows the federal government to operate for another year. It also includes almost 10,000 member items, pet projects for the home districts of individual lawmakers. One of Senator Hillary Clinton's earmarks is almost $200,000 to extend broadband Internet access to rural St. Lawrence County. The money comes through the county Chamber of Commerce. Pat McKeown is the chamber's interim director. She told David Sommerstein towns like Canton, Potsdam, Massena, and Ogdensburg are covered for high-speed Internet access. The challenge now is to serve outlying communities.  Go to full article

Media's "Free Pass" for Nanoscience

The National Science Foundation predicts in the next decade, nanotechnology (science at the molecular level) will create products worth a trillion dollars worldwide. Nanoscience has been charged with creating everything from new hand creams to ever-smaller computer chips to a way to bring the dead back to life. A professor at Clarkson University, where nanotech research is a high priority, says the mainstream media has played fast and loose with nanoscience. Brent Faber is a communications professor. He and his students studied 300 articles about nanotechnology in newspapers and broadcasts from 1986 to 2000. Faber told David Sommerstein the reports were overwhelmingly positive, based largely on speculation, with scant reference to data or research methods. Faber's study was published in the online journal, Nanotechnology Law & Business.  Go to full article
DANC's fiberoptics network
DANC's fiberoptics network

Wi-Fi in the Air in SLC

A publicly-funded fiberoptics network in St. Lawrence County is starting to yield results for people who want to use the Internet. Wireless access is available in the village of Canton. Two more villages may go wireless by year's end. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

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